How to wash/care your hair/wig?

  1. When you wash the hair, it is better to comb through it first. Add warm water and hair shampoo to a large tub or bowl.  Fully immerse the hair into the bowl and let sit for 3-5 minutes. Take out and rinse and repeat those steps. After the second rinse, clean the bowl or tub and fill again with warm water and a high quality moisturizing conditioner. Make sure conditioner and water are mixed well.  Fully immerse the hair into the bowl and allow to sit for 5-10 minutes. Thoroughly rinse the hair with warm water, making sure to remove all conditioner from the hair. Hair conditioner is very necessary every time that you wash your hair! We suggest you to use high quality hair conditioner.
  2. It is ALWAYS best to comb through the hair while wet and scrunch the hair back to its original curl pattern.  Lay on a flat surface or hang to let air dry. If you absolutely must blow your hair dry, please blow to 80% dry, then keep the rest 20% to naturally dry, by this way, it will keep your hair away from drying and frizzy!
  3. When you feel the hair is very dry, you can spray some hair oil. Keep in mind, this is 100% human hair and like your hair, you don’t want to use anything too heavy or that will leave a residue on the hair.  Meanwhile, when you wash the hair, you can pour little hair care oil into warm water and put the hair inside that warm water for 2-3 minutes. The hair will be more silky and soft compared to before. But we don’t suggest that you use hair oil everyday because hair oil may make your hair strands dry and hard!
  4. If you want to get your hair curls back, better to use crimping iron to curl the hair according to its original curl shape again!


How to use wig/hair?

  1. If you want your wig/hair looks natural/amazing as our post on FB/IG, it is always better to book a professional hairstylist to install it.
  2. If the hair is wavy or curly style, we don't suggest that you brush it. If you have to, please comb it with hands or wide-teeth comb gently. Tight teeth combs or brushes will compromise the hairs original curl pattern and make it frizzy and tangled! Please always comb the hair from the ends and work your way up.
  3. When you dye the hair with bleach powder, please control the time within 5 minutes. If you dye it with dye cream, you need to control the time within 20 minutes. Otherwise, the hair will be damaged by cream if you leave it too long there.
  4. When sleeping, please bond the hair with elastic band or wear a cap. It will avoid tangling. After waking up, please remove the band and comb through beginning at the ends and working your way up to the roots.
  5. When swimming, we suggest to wear a swimming cap if possible. It is best to wash it with warm water, with hair shampoo and hair conditioner after swimming.